TRAFFIC : Srikakulam Town is the District Head quarter and Municipality with population of nearly 1.5 lakhs having 36 municipal wards with narrow roads, situated between river Nagavali in the South-west and NH-16 in the North-East.  There is considerable increase in all types of motor vehicles every year.
                        At present, the Traffic Police Station is running with 1 DSP, 5 SIs, (2 SIs on DO Posting and 3 SIs are in attachment) 3 ASIs, 1 WASI,  5 HCs, 1 WHC, 40 PCs, 1 WPC. Apart from this, the services of Home Guards are being utilized for traffic regulation as per the instructions of the Superintendent of Police, Srikakulam. 
The Srikakulam Town is covered by 20 Regular Traffic beat points and 18 miscellaneous beat points, 14 double beat points and 5 moving beats.  The traffic beats are being checked regularly.
The Traffic signal lights at  Day & Night Junction, and  newly installation at 7 Road Junction, Rama Laxmana Junction and PSR Junction are working. 19 CC Cameras were fitted at important points i.e., RTC Complex ,Day & Night Junction, Ramalaxmana Junction,  PSR Junction and 7 Road Junction.  Zebra Lines marking regard proposals sent to R & B authorities for marking of Zebra lines for pedestrians crossing at all main junctions.
1.            Controlled front sitting beside the drivers in the Autos.
2.            Implementation free lefts at Day & Night junction, Rama Laxmana junction, Potti Sriramulu Junction and 7 Roads junction. Deputed Men and Home Guards to remove autos and other vehicles which were placed and obstruct the traffic on the free lefts.
3.            Public addressing systems were fixed at Day & Night Junction, RTC Complex, Old Bus Stand Market Junction and 7 Road Junctions to aware the public and regulate the traffic.
4.            In Potti Sriramulu Vegetable Market issued timings for loading and unloading the vehicles, i.e., in the afternoon 12.00 hrs to 16.00 hrs and Night 20.00 hrs to Morning 08.00 hrs for regulation of traffic.